Hearing Board Reports

As of Monday, October 3, 2022

This page contains links to Hearing Board reports filed during the last 90 days. The links are sequenced in inverse chronological order with the most recent filing at the top.

Please note: A Hearing Board report contains the Board's findings of fact and, if misconduct has been found, recommendation to the Supreme Court of Illinois for an appropriate sanction. The Supreme Court of Illinois has sole authority to sanction attorneys for misconduct, except for a reprimand administered by a panel of the Hearing or Review Board. Many of the matters listed here may not yet have been decided by the Supreme Court or may have been decided differently by the Supreme Court.

Some lawyers named as respondents in these Board reports may have names similar to other lawyers on the master roll of attorneys. To verify that a particular lawyer is the respondent named in a Board report, or to obtain information about the current status of a case, please call the ARDC at (312) 565-2600 or, within Illinois, at (800) 826-8625.

To access older Hearing Board reports, go to our Case Research page, where you will also find Complaints, Review Board reports, Court orders, and Court opinions filed in Illinois disciplinary cases.

Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6225090
Filed: October 03, 2022
Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6215707
Filed: September 30, 2022
Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6269205
Filed: September 30, 2022
Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6277289
Filed: September 27, 2022
Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6291557
Filed: September 12, 2022
Lombard, IL
Attorney Number: 6202012
Filed: September 08, 2022
Chicago, IL
Attorney Number: 6291928
Filed: August 11, 2022
Bloomington, IL
Attorney Number: 3124355
Filed: August 04, 2022
Crystal Lake, IL
Attorney Number: 6269706
Filed: July 19, 2022
Algonquin, IL
Attorney Number: 6290782
Filed: July 19, 2022
Oak Park, IL
Attorney Number: 6311937
Filed: July 06, 2022