ARDC - Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission

Sample Recordkeeping Account Forms for Client Trust Accounts


The following forms, taken from the ARDC publication, The Client Trust Account Handbook, can be used as a guide to establishing the records required by Rule 1.15(a).  Rule 1.15 allows you to maintain the records required by this Rule by electronic, photographic or other media provided that printed copies can be produced and the records are readily accessible to the lawyer. 


You may access the forms listed below:


Trust Account Receipts Journal

Trust Account Disbursements Journal

Trust Account Client Ledger Page

Trust Account Checkbook Register

Trust Account Monthly Reconciliation Report

Trust Account Record Retention Checklist


Rule 1.15(a) also requires that complete records of client trust account funds and other property shall be kept by the lawyer and shall be preserved for a period of seven years after termination of the representation.


Finally, Rule 1.15(a)(8) requires that appropriate arrangements are made by the lawyer for the maintenance of the records in the event of the closing, sale, dissolution, or merger of a law practice.  This means that the lawyer must maintain the account records in a way that ensures that trust funds are readily identifiable, accessible and protected during transitions in the lawyer's practice, particularly in the event of death disability or  retirement.